ncxcom Trends: Slash at 45
Rock legend Slash turns 45 today. Known around the world as the top-hatted axeman of Guns N’ Roses, he’s been releasing side projects and solo material for years now, as well as writing a few tell-all books and even appearing as an avatar in Guitar Hero III. Trends decided to celebrate the man’s birthday by setting a few of his bands head to head and seeing who came out on top…

First up, Trends took a look at how many people have been playing Slash‘s riffs, and unsurprisingly it was Guns N’ Roses that came out on top

With 1,785,023 listeners, Axl Rose‘s outfit seems to dwarf Slash‘s own 87,625, about the same as his Snakepit project. Supergroup Velvet Revolver just about hold their own though, with 568,839 listeners, about a third of Guns N’ Roses listeners.

It all changes when you get to the number of tracks scrobbled though…

Velvet Revolver fans make up 8,994,480 of the scrobbled tracks, way ahead of Slash and his Snakepit bandmates, who get just over three million scrobbles between them.

But Gun N’ Roses stomp all over the others. With 56,052,147 scrobbles and counting the legendary group will take a long time to be beaten. Sorry Slash.

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Read more stories like this, and stay on top of what people are scrobbling right now, at Trends.


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