[photogallerylink id=61236 align=left] When [mp3com-artist]Van Halen[/mp3com-artist] performed last Thursday at New York’s Cage Wha?, fans and media were unsure what would unfold inside. With an news of a world tour and new album already known, the details of both became the focus. This past November, former VH vocalist [mp3com-artist]Sammy Hagar[/mp3com-artist] said that the new album would contain “old stuff.”

During the appearance, the group performed an 11-song set that included “You Really Got Me,” “Dance the Night Away,” “Panama,” and “She’s the Woman.” While most songs are very familiar with fans, “She’s the Woman” might seem new. However, it was demoed in 1976 with producer Gene Simmons.

The first single for A Different Kind of Truth, “Tattoo,” will be released tomorrow. The album will hit shelves and the web on February 7th.

Check out the two versions of “She’s The Woman” below and let us know what your expectations for A Different Kind of Truth are along with your thoughts about Cleveland getting snubbed on VH’s world tour.

Van Halen performing a “new” song, “She’s the Woman,” Thursday at New York’s Cafe Wha?

1976 Demo Audio:

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  1. Dana says:

    Cleveland just isn’t the same anymore!when I was a kid we went to GREAT concerts,ex; The World Series of Rock.It all went downhill when they demolished the Coliseum in Richfield.Blossom is lame.All good things must come to an end I guess. Northeast Ohio is lucky to still have 98.5.

  2. TJ says:

    Yeah, I’ve had the early version of “She’s The Woman” for years. It’s the same one. It’s ok, but these retreads are not what I had in mind. Pretty hard to injest an album with no Mikey AND old stuff. What the hell have I been waiting for again?

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