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The past few weeks, our general inbox, Facebook and Twitter have been lighting up with questions regarding a few popular Christmas songs.

First, “The Fruitcake Recipe.” Discovered deep in the WNCX archives near the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Ark of the Covenant, and an original vinyl pressing of AC/DC’s Back In Black, its origins remain mysterious. The only way you can hear this highly sought after audio piece, is to keep your radio locked on 98.5 WNCX. If you wish to own your very own copy, we suggest heading to RadioShack and picking up a blank cassette (a 2-pack will run you $7.99), sitting by your radio (with 98.5 WNCX on of course), and wishfully hope (or request) to hear the recipe.

Next, “Santa’s Skinny.” The second song on Tis The Season – A Heartland Holiday Sampler, this song features the beloved Alex Bevan. We asked Alex about the song and whether or not he intended to make a YouTube video or share the song some other way. Unfortunately, his wife has been keeping him very busy with chores around the house. He does hope to make something available in the future though. We will keep you informed.

Alex does credit WNCX’s Bill Louis with the idea for the tune, saying, “You know Bill Louis is pretty much responsible for that version… I think he left the first verse on my answering machine one year.” One can only imagine that Bill was indulging in some fruitcake when he came up with the concept.

TisTheSeason-250Now, this piece of audio is something you can add to your collection and listen to at your discretion. All you have to do is visit, add the Tis The Season – A Heartland Holiday Sampler to your shopping cart, give them $17 for the album and $3 for shipping and handling, wait a few days, then enjoy this song along with 18 other songs like “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” by Michael Stanley, Jonah Koslen’s “Light a Light Up,” “Oh Christmas Tree” by the Colin Dussault’s Blues Project, among others.

Finally, everyone here at 98.5 WNCX would like to extend our most heartfelt holiday wishes for you and your family. We look forward to entertaining you with the best Classic Rock in the new year! Happy holidays!


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