With Valentine’s Day just around the corner we asked our personalities to the let you in on the details of their inaugural lip lock!


When:  He was in 6th grade.

Name:  Joan

Where:  In the school’s gym after a CYO basketball game.  After the gym closed Slats and Joan took the party behind the main stage curtain (where the school Mass was held, by the way).

Bill Louis

When: He was in 8th grade.

Name: Fran, a hot little Italian according to Bill.

Where:  While they were walking home from school.

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Michael Stanley

When:  He was in Jr. High.

Name:  Kay

Where:  The Wonder Years-esque romance blossomed in a friend’s basement.  In Michael’s case, every kiss did begin with Kay.

Paula Balish

When:  When she was 12 years old.

Name:  Wouldn’t give us the name.

Where:  In the Fairfax Elementary woods.  She thought it was horrible.  Paula said, “He was very sloppy and I think it turned me off so much that i didn’t have another encounter with a boy until I was 18, that was sooooo much better.”


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