I popped into my local deli last night to order some dinner for mom and me.  Friday night is the last night I want to cook anything after a long week.

I order at the counter, give the young lady my name, pay, and as I’m getting my stuff together, a woman next to me places her order as well.  When asked for her name, she says “Sue.”  I turn to her and say that it should be easy for the young lady as she just took my name, and it’s Sue as well.  The hostess places the order says, but I have to call her Sue Two as the system cannot use the same name twice.

We chuckled over that and when using at a credit card at the grocery store, the card reader thing asks you if you are ok with amount being charged.  We laughed that no, we don’t want to pay that amount, but you wouldn’t let us have our groceries for the $14 we’d like to pay you.  We laughed some more about the deli  possibly switching our orders,  and I slipped out the door to pick up some cat grass for my, well, cat.

As I was walking down the way back to the deli, Sue Two drives past me and rolls the window down.  She says that they almost did mess up the order.  She had heard what I ordered and when they read it back to her, she explained she was the other Sue order.  She didn’t have to roll her window down and yuck it up with me a bit more, but she did, and I loved it.

That strange instant bond you have with a stranger who you will probably never see again, but instantly get on with for just a few minutes.  You might thing it weird, but I love it!



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