By Producer Joe, WNCX Morning Show

Way too often a creative and entertaining show never makes it past it’s freshman season. Low ratings, bad scheduling, network impatience… they all play a part in axing a show just getting on it’s feet.Such was the fate of CBS’s interesting action/comedy “Limitless,” 2015-2016.

A spin-off on the 2011 movie of the same name, it focuses on a perpetual loser named Brian Finch (Jake McDorman). He is approached by a mysterious U.S. Senator (Bradley Cooper) who offers him a life of new possibilities, all thanks to a pill called¬†NZT-48. The drug lets the user access his/her full brain power, but only for 12 hours per pill. However, there is a catch (ain’t there always?). Soon Finch is an FBI consultant, solving crimes, keeping secrets and falling in love.

This show is quirky, which may be why it didn’t last. Non conventional storytelling often fails to get traction. However, if you give it a chance, “Limitless” will suck you in for more. A lot of the story features cutaways into Finch’s NZT fueled imagination. These trips are often funny and, one in awhile, pretty bizarre. The mysteries are interesting and the comedy is crisp and fast-paced. McDorman nails his performance as a lovable burn-out turned genius.

“Limitless’ is currently on Netflix and has one season of 22 episodes. Its two-part finale does a nice job of ending the series, tying up most loose ends, but there is room for more should someone want to pick production back up (please Netflix).


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