By Amanda Wicks

Following news that Ozzy Osbourne and his wife Sharon have reconciled their marriage, new information has surfaced about the personal issues which likely contributed to Sharon’s decision to take a break. A rep for the rocker announced that he has secretly been battling sex addiction.

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A statement obtained by reads, “Over the last six years, I have been dealing with a sex addiction.” Ozzy’s mistress Michelle Pugh, who was his hair colorist, doesn’t think he has any serious sexual problems though. She claims that Osbourne knew her for one year before anything happened, and that their relationship went far beyond the physical. “When I say he gave me the greatest love of my life, I mean it,” she told People.

Ozzy claims otherwise. “I am sorry if Ms. Pugh took our sexual relationship out of context,” the statement continues. “I’d also like to apologize to the other women I have been having sexual relationships with. Out of bad comes good. Since the press exposed this, I have gone into intense therapy. I am mortified at what my behavior has done to my family. I thank God that my incredible wife is at my side to support me.”

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