I enjoy the Olympics.  Seems I am watching more and more events this year.  The TV is on all day and night, I can’t get enough!  But I have some questions.  Lots of weird questions.

Why do the female beach volleyball players wear bikinis and the guys play in basketball-type uniforms, complete with those compression leg warmer-thingies?  I think I might know the answer, but hope I’m not right.

And speaking of the beach volleyball ladies, why were they wearing their bikini tops over their long-sleeved t-shirts last night? You mean with all of that Under Armour money, they couldn’t come up with a shirt with their names and numbers on the back?  And why bother with names and numbers at all, it’s not like there are a tremendous amount of people on the court.

Ditto for indoor volleyball.

When the ladies gymnastics team is flipping and flinging themselves across the floor, on the beam, and around the uneven bars, what are they looking at?  Is it all just a huge blur, or do they pick a point and try to focus?  What also amazes me is their ability to focus on what their routine when the music is playing for a floor routine over there, and the crowd is erupting for a score on the beam over there.  Amazing!

The camera guys at the bottom of the pools, what happens if there is an emergency and they need to surface in the middle of a swim?  Yikes.

And not only are there camera people down there (I think), what are those black boxes at the bottom of each lane?  Oh wait, maybe those are cameras.  I was thinking they might also tell each swimmer what lap they might be on.  That would be helpful.

Last question of the week.  Last night Michael Phelps said he was waiting to be able to hold his baby again.  I know there is an “Olympic Village” where the athletes stay, but can family’s not enter?  What about athletes leaving to see their families? even if only for a few minutes?  Or is this a self-imposed exile that some athletes impose on themselves?

I’ll save the Ryan Seacrest questions for next week.



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