Week two and the TV is still on the Olympics all day and night. Although I did an hour break and watch The Great British Baking Show on PBS.  It was the finals and as baking goes, extremely exciting!  They use some top notch editors who make the show as exciting and down to the wire as any sporting event.  Seriously.

I got to see some of the equestrian events the other afternoon.  I love horses.  I could look at them all day and night,  Just so majestic and gorgeous.  Very rich.  Very.  My mind wanders to their transportation.  The logistics behind getting a team to a foreign country together and in one piece is something, let alone a 4-legged teammate!  I think I’ve actually seen a short piece on it, or maybe read a Vanity Fair article about how they do transport the horses around the world with their well-stamped horsey passports!  Amazing stuff.

I’m bummed that Kerry Walsh Jennings and April Ross did not collect their gold in Rio.  But you have to hand it to them, they are amazingly talented and dedicated.  Seems that they were beat by youth a bit.  Hate to admit it, but the body at 38 doesn’t do exactly what it did at 29.  But they rocked it, and fought like warriors and never gave up.  Love these ladies!

My favorite body so far the Olympics was the 22-year old British diver Tom Daley.  The muscles in his core are a wonder to behold.  Michelangelo should have used him for David because he is perfection.

What do you say about Ryan Lochte?  What a disappointment. He did well in the pool but just could not keep it together long enough to leave Brazil without doing something stupid.  Rio didn’t need that sort of help.  I was half-expecting to see Johnny Manziel involved in some fashion.

And I’ll say it again, still my Jim McKay and his Olympic “Up Close And Personal” segments that would be peppered into all of the ABC coverage.  That was class and style that I have yet to see duplicated.  While I am getting a lot of coverage on the broadcast channels (sorry, still don’t have cable) I miss the few minutes that ABC would give the athletes away from their sports.

Sunday night I’ll get my freedom back after the closing ceremonies.  Their cauldron that they made for Rio was breathtaking, and I’ll miss seeing it shining and glowing and reflecting the light.  But onwards to Tokyo!  And maybe the gym!



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