By Amanda Wicks

Beach Boy Mike Love has a new memoir coming out, Good Vibrations: My Life as a Beach Boy. As much as it details his time with the band, there’s one disturbing incident he writes about that claims his bandmate Dennis Wilson saw Charles Manson kill a man months before he and his followers murdered seven people, including pregnant actress Sharon Tate.

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In his book, Love wrote about a night when Dennis showed up at his brother Brian’s recording studio after hanging out at the Manson family commune, Spahn Ranch, for some time. Dennis was visibly disturbed by something he’d seen. When Love asked him about it, Dennis shared, “I just saw Charlie take his M16 and blow this black cat [guy] in half and stuff him down the well” (via People).

Love added, “Dennis was too frightened to go to the police,” he wrote. “I think he was just hoping that Manson and his family would disappear.” But they didn’t disappear. The incident Dennis witnessed occurred months before Manson and his followers murdered seven people.

The man who helped convict Manson, retired Los Angeles County prosecutor Stephen Kay, doesn’t think the story holds much water. He told People, “I’ve prosecuted four Tate-LaBianca murder trials and attended sixty parole hearings [of Manson family members] and I’ve never heard that story before. If it was true, I would have heard it before.”

Good Vibrations will be available September 13th.

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