I know I am not alone.  I’m taking care of my mother on my own.  Brother is in another city. I know a few friends in the same boat.  Last place I want to put her is a home.  I don’t care how good they are, they are not home.  We are on the borderline is seems.  A very scary precipice.  Anyway, we had a conversation last night.  I shared it on Facebook with friends, will share it with you now:
“Mom and I are having a large important conversation tonight about the current state of her affairs, and of course the topic of how much all of this is costing was brought up. By her, not me. Trying to explain insurance and blah blah she is concerned about the money. We are by no means rich but you have to do what you have to do, right? And she keeps talking about the money and I told her, you know the money you never wanted to spend on the cruise down the Danube? Well we’re probably going to spend it now. Take the cruise people. Go on vacation. Splurge a little. Make a memory. Life is too short and there are zero guarantees.”

Mom never would go with dad when he’d go back home to Hungary to visit family.  Too long of flight she’d say.   She never wanted to go to the UK with me just because.  She reasoned if she didn’t visit her family in Hungary, why go to other countries.  Not even NYC.  Her knees were bad she’d complain.  Too late now.

There is never a good time for fun, large or small.  There is always something that needs to be done.  Something that needs attention.  Bad weather.  Travel warnings.  Too much work.  There will also come a time when you can’t make a memory whether it’s travel related or not.

Today, give yourself a day off and make a memory.  Please.


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