Joe Ledford, WNCX morning producer

On Sunday, a Redskins player was penalized for simulating shooting a bow and arrow into the sky. Josh Norman struck the pose after intercepting Browns QB Cody Kessler and sealing the win for Washington. Now, I’m not happy he picked off the pass and helped send the Browns to an 0-4 record. However, throwing the yellow flag for such a harmless celebration shows how idiotically rigid and stifling the NFL has become.

“No Fun League” indeed.

Experts say the bow and arrow mimicry is on the level of simulating guns with your thumb and pointer finger, which is also illegal. I can see why the six shooter celebration could be frowned upon, especially given the violence that our country has experienced as of late. However, how in the world is “shooting a bow and arrow” into the sky offensive. It’s no more offensive than the Redskins team name, that’s for sure. Norman was not aiming at anybody and threatening them. He was just another victim of the NFL’s out-of-control mandates curtailing player’s personalities and free speech.

You can’t spike the ball, dunk the ball over the goalpost, run and jump onto the goalpost (just stay away from the darn goalpost), wear unapproved shoes, wear the pink breast cancer awareness garb on any Sunday not in the month deemed by the NFL as breast cancer awareness month, and the list of no-no’s goes on longer than an Isaiah Crowell TD run.

Since when did players having fun, celebrating and showing/goofing off for the fans become a bad thing? This is a game. It is entertainment. It is show business. For the love of the “Ickey Shuffle,” will the NFL please remove that goalpost from its tight end.





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