When I learned that the circus was ending forever and the “The Greatest Show On Earth” would be no more, I had a huge rush of memories. Going to the Cleveland Arena with my dad to see the three rings of fun was very special in our house. My dad was a big man, a commercial electrician that could lift most of the circus performers over his head. But the circus made my dad smile and laugh, a wonderful part of him you didn’t see often.

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus employees were told last month that the 146 year old institution will be no more. No more mysterious function of making kids believe that they could be a performer themselves. The spark that came to them to contemplate running away from home would be no more. This saddens me greatly. Some of my greatest backyard moments were indeed inspired by the circus when I was young.

As I grew older I carried some of these things with me.  Sports, fighting, and even digging deep for courage are reflections of my great circus visits. Also I evolved into knowing that not everyone was the same. Sure the people living on my block had different jobs but circus people were really different. I’m sure at one time or another someone in your family told you “you can be anything you want kid”. Well maybe not, at least not a circus performer, lion tamer or master of the three rings with a top hat.

 P.T. Barnum is rolling in his grave. One of the greatest salesman that ever lived, he bought a museum with no money. Now that’s a closer. If you are in sales, read any of the books about him, truly diverse and you can learn something about motivation. It is sad most kids will never know his name. Never to go to the circus with their dad, never get the wonder of a live circus.

So another victim of the people who have no brains, the zero tolerance folks, the non-thinkers. The political correct idiots who can’t think one incident at a time but have to pollute the world with “think my way or die.” The people that can’t see that there might be an additional benefit of thinking or doing something different then their way. Shoving your agenda just killed another beautiful thing. What a shame.


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