So let’s say you are in business selling or providing a quality product or service to the community. You set up shop. You love your clients. You help out you neighbors. You give back to your community. Maybe business is good but you find turning a profit is not as easy as it was back when you started. Sometimes you need to revamp or boost your business with some changes.

Change is not easy for most people, but if you don’t change you will start to ripen then you will rot. Being a change master is not easy, nor is being a master of change. As your business has grown, the employees have changed and perhaps they changed things along the way too. Maybe a son or daughter has come into your business now and throw an occasional idea by you. Between your employees and family it might be time to look at some of the things you are doing.

In the last thirty years of working with owner operated businesses I have seen ideas come from the busboy, the new hire, the quiet family member, heck ever the UPS guy. Not just little ideas either. Some have saved these companies thousands of dollars Other ideas have made new products or services, even new divisions of that company.

The driven point here is to be open to new ways of doing business, new cost savings, new thought processes. Maybe set aside one to two hours a month to circle the idea wagon. Have no restrictions on the topics but remember you do need instant answers or immediate implementation. By listening carefully you might just motivate your employees and gain great ideas.


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