Joe Ledford, Morning Show Producer

I’ve always been a dog person. Show me a person who does not like dogs and I’ll show you a person who can’t be trusted. Dogs are the perfect example of unconditional love on earth. You can ignore them or forget to feed them (shame on you) but they will still wag their tails with joy when you come into the room. Growing up my dog Biscuit was a constant source of joy. We adopted her as a puppy and enjoyed her love for many years. Her face turned gray, but her heart was that of a fun-loving puppy till her final day.

Today (3/23/17) is National¬†Puppy Day. It’s a day to think of all the cute little, awkward walking fluff balls and hounds looking for a forever home. Some 10,000 puppies begin their lives in “puppy mills” or “backyard breeder” facilities that sacrifice the dogs’ well-being for profit. Many of these puppies are raised in deplorable conditions and shipped off to pet stores. Meanwhile, according to the ASPCA, some 3 million dogs await adoption in shelters each year. One million will likely be euthanized unless they find a home. So, when looking for a new four-legged friend, take business away from the puppy mills and adopt a pet from your local shelter or rescue agency.

Puppies are cute and easily adopted, but let’s not forget the adult dogs who need a home. Many older dogs, who are housebroken, healthy and used to people, await a second chance. Canine companionship comes in all sizes and ages.

Here are ways to celebrate National Puppy Day!!!


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