Unless you’re lucky enough to be hanging out on a cruise ship listening to Bonnie Tyler belt out Total Eclipse Of The Heart, you’re probably going to be hanging out in Cleveland using special glasses to protect your eyes.

Since it has been many years since the last total solar eclipse was visible here (1979), chances are you’re going to want to see it. All we ask is that you be extremely safe about it. Check out these tips from TODAY about what not to do on August 21st.

  1. Don’t use DIY solar filters. The real things are selling out everywhere for a reason.
  2. Don’t put on eclipse glasses and then look through binoculars. Hello, it’s still the sun.
  3. Don’t wear eclipse glasses during the brief moment of totality (might not happen here)
  4. Put the phone DOWN and experience the moment. You’ll see photos done professionally on the internet later. Also, the eclipse may mess with your phone’s camera. Yikes!
  5. Don’t pay attention only to the sky during the eclipse. The eclipse not only affects the sun, but the people around you. Ya know how sometimes the strangest things happen during a full moon? Think of that, but worse.
  6. Make sure your pets are inside. Okay, that’s not really a rule, but we think it should be. Your pup probably knows better than to look at the sun, and who knows, they may even use the dark sky as a hint to take a nap. Still, keep ’em safe.

Read more here.


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