I’ve been in a heavy Izzy Stradlin mood this past week.  I haven’t listened to any Guns N Roses in awhile, save a hit you hear on the radio, but for whatever reason he popped into my head and I started going through the entire GNR catalog and re-acquainted myself with his solo stuff.  I have to admit I lost track a bit after the Ju Ju Hounds, but thanks to the magic of the internet, it’s all right there at your fingertips!

In all honesty and full disclosure, Izzy was always my favorite member of Guns N Roses.  Probably because he seemed to be the least dangerous.  Or least strung out.  Little did I know.  I liked that he seemed to be a more reserved, happy to let Axl and Slash shine the brightest, be cool in the background, and just do his thing.   I thought the Use Your Illusion releases really showed a clearer distinction between who was writing the different sounding songs.  Lush orchestration and multi-layered epics to Axl, the straight ahead rockers were all Izzy.  I thought he was the heart of the band and have been bummed ever since he left.

Super thrilled that I got to see him a couple of times in the early 90’s with the Ju Ju Hounds.  I remember being so happy with the Peabody’s Down Under show that a friend and I drove to Toledo the next night, or a day or so later, to see them in Toledo.  I need to start searching some tour dates to see what he’s got planned.  And if nothing for Cleveland, have passport will travel.  Life’s too short, right?

And in case Izzy has dropped or your radar a bit, a few tracks to refresh your memory! Enjoy.

“Pretty Tied Up” from Use Your Illusion 2.  Izzy wrote this about a friend of friend who turned out to be a dominatrix.  Great story about the sitar as well.


As soon as I heard “Dust n’ Bones”, you knew it had Izzy all over it.  Still one of my favorites along with “14 Years.”

One of the first singles from Izzy and the Ju Ju Hounds, “Shuffle It All.”  That voice! ♥

Lastly I found this to be quite fascinating, Izzy’s isolated track for “Welcome to the Jungle.”  Very very nice to hear.




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