2013-Lou Reed, widely considered a godfather of punk for his leading role in The Velvet Underground and a long and productive solo career, dies of liver disease at 71.

2006-Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh reveals that he has prostate cancer.

1997-Johnny Cash announces he’s been diagnosed with Shy-Drager’s Syndrome, a disease related to Parkinson’s.

1996-Bruce Springsteen plays at a rally opposing Proposition 209, the so-called California Civil Rights Initiative, which would end affirmative action programs in the state.

1975-Time and Newsweek magazines both feature Bruce Springsteen on their covers.

1972-The New York Dolls, spearheads of New York’s neo-glam-punk scene, wander into Malcolm McLaren‘s Let It Rock clothing store in London’s Chelsea district. McLaren is so taken with their look and attitude that he ends up managing them.

1969-Elton John writes “Your Song.” A diary entry notes he composed the hit’s melody in just 10 minutes.