I think my friend Tom Lash posted this on Facebook, a video of Dave Hill and his dad playing “Stairway to Heaven” together.   As Dave’s video caption mentions, he learned to play the song when he was a child.  His dad learned in his 80’s.  It is beautiful and tender and I defy you not to feel that pang in your chest when you watch it.  And a warning, if you are an orphan or missing a parent, it’s going to get you.  Trust me, just go with it.  Especially when it comes to the page-turning part of the performance, the patience tells me everything I need to know about these two.

And for those of you who many not know, Dave spent is formative years in Cleveland!  I think it was in my days at 107.9 The End I became aware of Dave and his band The Sons Of Elvis.  While the band is no more, Dave moved east and followed his passions and is living the dream doing everything–stand up, writing, hosting shows–God bless you Dave.  Love it!

And since we brought up Sons of Elvis, let’s give some love to a Cleveland hit “Formaldehyde!”  What a tune!


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