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I’m guessing that with all long term relationships, be it lovers or friends, over time, you have your ups and downs, your highs and lows.  It’s been like that in my long term relationship with U2.  Sticking it out, and still loyal through some of our various phases when perhaps I wasn’t so in love.  But at least with music, that’s the great thing about it, it’s subjective, we all don’t have to like the same thing and in the same way.  The last couple of releases from U2 have left me feeling a bit high and low, it depended on which one was I was listening to, so waiting for the new release left me very neutral, keeping my expectations in check.

I was in love with “The Little Things That Give You Away” when I heard it live in Pittsburgh (they closed the show with it).  Then I saw the video for “You’re The Best Thing About Me” and was thrilled.  While they can be singing the praises about NYC in the video, you just knew it was about Bono’s wife Ali.  And anytime you hear super person love songs to Ali, I have to ask, oh no, what’d you do now?!

Between liner notes and bits and bobs of interviews, it sounds like what Bono did know was have quite a health scare.  One of those that makes you re-examine your like, life in general, death, the whole nine yards.  And with a writer like Bono and a crisis like that, ironically enough it makes for pure magic.  The heart on the sleeve,  honest and open, and pure magic.  Open and pure and really quite breathtaking, especially Bono’s voice.

If you get a chance, take a listen to a few of my current personal favorites like “Little Things…” and “You’re The Best…” as well as “Landlady, ” “13,” and “The Showman.”  Some brilliant stuff there, in my opinion.



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