So a little over six years since this law passed here in Ohio. Yet a number of drivers are driving clueless. Headlight should be on a hour before sunset and stay on a hour after sun rise. This is a great way not to kill others on the road and help others not hit you.

Most people don’t realize but more then 50% of the reason you have lights on your car is not for you to see, it’s others to see you. You drive a silver, grey, gray, light blue, light green, white or like color car when it’s raining and add the road mist people can’t see you.

This is why it’s even more important for you light to be on, so people don’t hit you. The law is just like other states have you are using your wipers rain, sleet or snow you full lights need to be on. Its state share it wisely.

4513.24 Windshield and windshield wipers.

(A) No person shall drive any motor vehicle on a street or highway in this state, other than a motorcycle or motorized bicycle, that is not equipped with a windshield.

(B) No person shall drive any motor vehicle, other than a bus, with any sign, poster, or other nontransparent material upon the front windshield, sidewings, side, or rear windows of such vehicle other than a certificate or other paper required to be displayed by law, except that there may be in the lower left-hand or right-hand corner of the windshield a sign, poster, or decal not to exceed four inches in height by six inches in width. No sign, poster, or decal shall be displayed in the front windshield in such a manner as to conceal the vehicle identification number for the motor vehicle when, in accordance with federal law, that number is located inside the vehicle passenger compartment and so placed as to be readable through the vehicle glazing without moving any part of the vehicle.

(C) The windshield on every motor vehicle, streetcar, and trackless trolley shall be equipped with a device for cleaning rain, snow, or other moisture from the windshield. The device shall be maintained in good working order and so constructed as to be controlled or operated by the operator of the vehicle, streetcar, or trackless trolley.

Amended by 128th General Assembly File No. 9, HB 1, § 101.01, eff. 10/16/2009.


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