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Outstanding Rock Photo Exhibit! It brought a smile to my face, that is still there this morning.  I was transported to every happy time I have spent swaying to the music, singing along at the top of my lungs, pounding my fist in the air.  Happy.
Little Steven Still Rocks!  The night was raucous and sweet and soulful, and happy.
Izzy's Still My Fave I haven't listened to any Guns n Roses in awhile, save a hit you hear on the radio, but for whatever reason he popped into my head and I started going through the entire GnR catalog and re-acquainted myself with his solo stuff.
U2 Cancels St. Louis Gig
U2 Ends Pittsburgh Set with The Little Things That Give You AwayAlthough our Cleveland show was the best so far in my opinion (and a few others have said the same thing!), I want to go dance and jump up and down and throw my fists in the air one more time.  
Oh Barcelona And as many times as I've walked up and down Ramblas, I've never given a thought to someone driving a van down the center area where people walk, and shop, and sit and eat.  Where Barcelonans work selling their wares, waiting on tourists at tables set up on Ramblas,  trying to get tourists to buy whatever little cool cheap toy that makes noise and flies through the air and sucks you in.
Fun Way To Spend A Few MinutesAfter a few minutes on this fun Google interactive, you will think you can dj too!
Green Day Fans Singing QueenAbout 65,000 singing along to Queen while waiting for Green Day!
Funny Cats!We all need funny cat videos!
U2...what else?!Just a wonderfully emotional night.  Singing, dancing, clapping, making friends even if for a couple of hours.  Just spectacular.

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The Daily Cut: Talking Heads "Burning Down the House"Tina Weymouth celebrates her 67th birthday today.
Classic Rock Almanac November 22, 2017E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt celebrates his 67th birthday today. What was the name of the TV show Van Zandt starred in after The Sopranos?
'Partridge Family' Star David Cassidy Dead at 67Cassidy became a teenage heartthrob with his role as Keith Partridge in the ‘70s sitcom, 'The Partridge Family.'
Chief Hopper From 'Stranger Things' Dances to Rock and Roll Favorites: WatchAn iconic scene from 'Stranger Things' season two has been set to The Killers, The Clash and more.
Neil Young Plotting Tiny Surprise Concert 'Somewhere in Canada'The intimate show will be directed by Daryl Hannah and broadcast on Facebook Live.
KISS' Paul Stanley Slams Marilyn Manson Over Charles Manson CoverPaul Stanley had nothing kind to say about Manson or his career.
Eagles Announce 2018 Tour DatesDon Henley, Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmit and Vince Gill -- will be joined by Deacon Frey, who will fill in for his late father Glenn.
Guns N' Roses Plays Three-Song Tribute to AC/DC's Malcolm YoungThe band honored the late musician at their show in Sacramento, CA just hours after news broke that Malcolm Young had died.
The Daily Cut: Aerosmith "Walk This Way"When Steven Tyler couldn't make it to the studio one day during the writing sessions for Toys in the Attic, the rest of Aerosmith decided to work on the music for a new song.
Classic Rock Almanac November 21, 2017The Pink Floyd live album Delicate Sound of Thunder was released on November 21st, 1988. What impressive first does the band claim it achieved with this album?

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