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Author Jojo Moyes, I've Got A Girl Crush
Paula And Sue's One Tank TripYou can't miss the location in Fairfield (sort of near/around Cinci, Dayton and Columbus) once you get close, I mean my local grocer doesn't have an elevated amusement park tram running around the place, and my grocer also doesn't have a map of the store, and directional signs in the parking lot
Six Degrees Of Bono! Or Phil And Rob!And I love when random things like this happen.  Serendipity you might call it.  I also think the older I get, the more I can appreciate the happy accidents of the world.
LISTEN: Darlene Love's 'All Alone On Christmas'A Christmas classic to get you in the mood!
U2, Falling In Love AgainAnd with a writer like Bono and a crisis like that, ironically enough it makes for pure magic.
Outstanding Rock Photo Exhibit! It brought a smile to my face, that is still there this morning.  I was transported to every happy time I have spent swaying to the music, singing along at the top of my lungs, pounding my fist in the air.  Happy.
Little Steven Still Rocks!  The night was raucous and sweet and soulful, and happy.
Izzy's Still My Fave I haven't listened to any Guns n Roses in awhile, save a hit you hear on the radio, but for whatever reason he popped into my head and I started going through the entire GnR catalog and re-acquainted myself with his solo stuff.
U2 Cancels St. Louis Gig
U2 Ends Pittsburgh Set with The Little Things That Give You AwayAlthough our Cleveland show was the best so far in my opinion (and a few others have said the same thing!), I want to go dance and jump up and down and throw my fists in the air one more time.  

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