That Perfect Season Parade Is Actually Happening Now

January 2, 2018
I guess the Browns going 0-16 is just how we all knew 2017 was going to end, right? 2017 was a year of disappointing ends for our sports teams and the Browns were just the icing on the cake. And with their winless season comes the Browns Perfect Season Parade, which will be taking on Saturday, January 6th at noon at FirstEnergy Stadium. Parade organizer, Chris McNeil, is a die hard Browns fan and he, like many other Browns fans, is incredibly frustrated and disappointed with what has happened to this team. He considers this parade to be more like a protest of the front office, hoping that they will open their eyes and realize that something has got to change with how this team's operations. Clearly doing the same thing every draft season and every regular season is not working out. But if you are attending the parade, McNeil wants you to know that there is going to be a canned food drive for the Cleveland Food Bank. Last year when the Browns won their only game and the parade was cancelled, McNeil donated $10,000 (money that was initially raised for the parade) to the Cleveland Food Bank. This year, the Browns matched that donation to the food bank. So it is asked that you bring canned food items to the parade in order to help out an amazing organization.