If It's Too Cold For You, It's Too Cold For Your Pets

January 3, 2018
As we all know, we have been battling a bitter cold winter for the last couple of weeks. And as a dog and cat owner, I am here to remind you to bring your pets inside. If it's too cold for you, it's too cold for them. Just because your animals have fur does not make them less susceptible to things like frostbite and hypothermia. And because we have had wind chill temps in the single digits or less (and it seems like there is no end in sight), we need to keep our pets safe and warm. Make sure you bundle up your pet if you are going on any walks- but if you are going on a walk, keep them very short, as you or your pet could show signs of frostbite within 30 minutes. Make sure your pet gets a little more food at this time of year, as they will need the extra calories to stay warm, and wipe your animal's paws when they come back inside, as the salt and ice can irritate their paws and cause a handful of problems. While your cat or dog may enjoy being outside and playing in the snow, being exposed for too long can have serious consequences. More tips here on how to keep your four legged friend warm and safe!