Winter Storm "Grayson"

January 4, 2018
I still don't get why they name winter storms like they do hurricanes or tropical storms but meet this "Grayson" dude. Good thing you don't live up and down I-95. Charleston, South Carolina got 4". Norfolk, Virginia just under a foot. Boston is square in the bulls-eye of this storm where they're expecting 1-2' by the time he moves out into Nova Scotia. "Grayson" sounds like the first name of a member of a country club, not some big winter storm but thanks to The Weather Channel, because it's not a winter party unless they show up on the scene, HERE is the latest on "Grayson" from them. Meanwhile we're just dealing with arctic cold that'll be here until Sunday. It's supposed to be almost '30 Sunday so that's shorts weather. You have a great day and happy Friday-Eve.