Winter Storm Alert !?!

January 12, 2018
So maybe you did the same thing, you woke up this morning, and said "Hey, where's the ice and snow?" Well presently we're still shivering in the mid 50's in Cleveland. Being more of a "half full" guy I'm thinking this Winter Storm "Hunter" had a change of plans or heart, decided against terrorizing us with freezing rain then sleet then snow. Time for me to become "half empty" because it's now 38 and rain in Toledo. Ft. Wayne, Indiana is where you'll find that freezing rain and '32. And it's pouring down snow in Indianapolis and Chicago right now. So far, there has been no Jim Cantore from the Weather Channel sightings to whip us into a grocery store buying frenzy as of yet. However, HERE is what the Weather Channel is forecasting for us. Have a great day and...I beat the rush, went and loaded up on groceries yesterday ;)