These Bears Were Treated With Fish Skin After Being Burned In The Thomas Fire

January 26, 2018
So many people have been affected as a result of the wildfires that ravaged Southern California- lives were lost, homes were lost, and now their lives have been turned upside down. But it's not just people who have been affected- animals have also been affected and unfortunately, they don't have a voice to let us know they need help. Luckily for two bears and a mountain lion, all of whom were badly burned in the fires, there were people looking out for them. After suffering third degree burns, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife took in the animals and treated their paws with fish skin. Yep- they stitched sterilized tilapia skin onto their paws because tilapia skin shares similarities with human skin when it comes to treating burns. And guess what? Both of the bears are doing alright now!