Classic Rock Almanac January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018

Today's Question: Led Zeppelin played New York for the first time on January 31st, 1969. What band did they open for at the Fillmore East?

Stumped? Here are some clues.
  • It's a Southern California band who recorded for the same record label group as Led Zeppelin.
  • Like Led Zeppelin, the first word of their two-word name conjures up a heavy element, and like Zep, the second word is something that flies.
  • Their biggest hit was an extreme edit of the album version of the song, which takes up the entire second side of the record.
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ANNIVERSARIES 2010-Neil Young, who'd been nominated 13 times in the previous 20 years but had never won, wins a Grammy for Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package for Neil Young Archives Volume One (1963-1972). His speech is perhaps the briefest ever at the event: he says, "Thank you everybody." 2009-Onetime Buffalo Springfield drummer Dewey Martin, 68, is found dead of natural causes by his roommate in their Van Nuys, California apartment. 2001-KISS announce that drummer Peter Criss will not be with the band for the remainder of their Farewell Tour. He is replaced by Eric Singer. 1999-KISS performs "Rock and Roll All Nite" at the Super Bowl pre-game show in Miami. 1982-The Doobie Brothers announce their breakup, but say they'll do a farewell tour. 1976-David Bowie releases Station to Station. 1975-Elton John's Greatest Hits is America's best-selling album for the 10th week in a row. 1974-Ringo Starr gets a gold record for "You're 16." 1972-John Lennon and Yoko Ono tape the first of five Mike Douglas Shows. The Chambers Brothers, Ralph Nader and comic Louis Nye are guests. John and Yoko, with The Plastic Ono Band (and Elephant's Memory), sing "It's So Hard." The show airs in most cities on February 14th. 1970-The Grateful Dead are arrested for possession of L-S-D and barbiturates in New Orleans. The incident is later incorporated into the lyrics of "Truckin." 1969-The Beatles play the piano-driven songs "Let It Be," "Lady Madonna" and "The Long and Winding Road," which weren't practical to do in their rooftop concert, on camera at Abbey Road. 1969-Led Zeppelin plays its first New York show, opening for Iron Butterfly at the Fillmore East. 1967-Inspired by seeing Jimi Hendrix perform at London's Saville Theater, Jack Bruce composes the riff for Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love." 1967-The Beatles' "Penny Lane" is first broadcast on the pirate station Radio London 17 days before its official British release. The previous day, manager Brian Epstein had told E-M-I to make the song the next Beatles single. BIRTHDAYS

Guy Pratt - 56 years old Pink Floyd's touring bassist is the son-in-law of the band's late keyboardist, Rick Wright. Born 1962.

Johnny Rotten (John Lydon) - 62 years old The wildly outspoken former singer of The Sex Pistols and Public Image Ltd. has written several memoirs, hosted TV shows in Britain and remained a colorful and controversial public figure. Born 1956.

Terry Kath - Died in 1978 The Chicago guitarist-singer died from an unintentional self-inflicted gunshot wound on January 23rd 1978, eight days before his 32nd birthday. Born 1946.

TRIVIA ANSWER Iron Butterfly