Classic Rock Almanac February 25, 2018

February 25, 2018
ANNIVERSARIES 2010-Bob Dylan is among those honored by President Barack Obama with the National Medal of Arts. The White House calls Dylan "an icon of youthful rebellion and poetic sensitivity" whose career has "marked the landscape of American culture for decades." 2008-Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood play the first of three collaborative shows at New York's Madison Square Garden. 2002-Billy Joel is honored as the 2002 MusicCares Person of the Year at a Grammy-week event in LA. 1998-Bob Dylan's Time Out of Mind is named Album of the Year at the 40th annual Grammy Awards. Shawn Colvin gets Record of the Year and Song of the Year. Paula Cole is named Best New Artist. Other prize-winners include Radiohead, John Fogerty, Elton John, Sarah McLachlan, Jamiroquai, The Wallflowers, Tool, The Chemical Brothers and The Smashing Pumpkins. 1988-Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band begin the six-month Tunnel of Love Express tour, their first trek in more than two years. 1964-The Beatles complete "Can't Buy Me Love" at Abbey Road by adding guitar and vocal overdubs to the results of their recent Paris session. George Harrison gets to use the Rickenbacker 360 12-string he bought on the band's U.S visit. They also cut the B-side of the single, "You Can't Do That," and start work on several soundtrack songs for A Hard Day's Night. 1963-Vee Jay Records, an independent and blackowned Chicago label, releases the first US Beatles record, "Please Please Me" backed with "Ask Me Why." Although a chart-topper in Britain, the single is not a hit here. BIRTHDAYS

George Harrison - Died in 2001 "The quiet Beatle," who played lead guitar, sitar and sang, came into his own with his first solo album, All Things Must Pass, and the single "My Sweet Lord." His spirituality and charitable dedication set him apart from his former bandmates. After surviving a knife attack in his home, Harrison died of cancer at 48 on November 29th, 2001, leaving behind wife Olivia and son Dhani. Born shortly after midnight, between 1992 and his death he celebrated his birthday on the 24th, though the 25th is now generally recognized as the correct date. born 1943.