Will There Be a Second Stimulus Check? 3 Important Dates to Know

June 26, 2020

Chatter has once again picked up about the prospects of a second wave of COVID-19 relief for Americans following President Donald Trump's remarks about a new stimulus bill in a recent interview.

“Yeah, we are,” Trump said when asked if he’s working on providing more aid.

While Trump didn’t specify the amount that Americans can expect, he added that the relief bill would be “very generous.”

A White House official told NBC that another round of payments to the American people is “part of something the economic team is studying," but informed "no decisions" had been made.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin indicated discussions about a second wave of payments are happening. "We want to take our time and make sure we’re thoughtful. So whatever we do it’ll be much more targeted, much more focused on jobs, bringing back jobs and making sure we take care of our kids," he said.

However, the House-passed HEROES Act faced opposition from Senate Republicans and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Without a unified verdict, it’s hard to keep track of where things stand or whether or not you’ll receive more money to help you with necessities, lingering bills, and expenses brought out by the pandemic.

To help answer your questions about the topic on many Americans' minds, here are three critical upcoming dates related to another possible stimulus check, as highlighted by Forbes.

July 2

Ahead of the Fourth of July weekend, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) will release June’s unemployment report, which will shed light on the strength and recovery of the economy amid coronavirus. If the report shows another decline, it lessens the likelihood of a second stimulus check, while an uptick in unemployment increases the likelihood.

The necessity for a second COVID-19 relief package has been questioned by officials after the last report. White House economic adviser Stephen Moore previously said “[t]here’s no reason to have a major spending bill” after an unexpectedly positive jobs report from the month of May.

July 20

Congress and the Senate are out for summer break until July 20. According to McConnell, any negotiations about a second stimulus relief bill won’t begin prior to the July 20 return, which Forbes reports gives Democrats a small window to finalize a proposal prior to the expiration of the $600 weekly federal unemployment bonus ending on July 31.

August 7

This is the last possible date for a relief bill to be passed prior to the House and Senate's month-long summer recess, reports Forbes. The momentum is at an all time high as the public wants it, Democrats are eager to get more money to those who need it, but the Republican-controlled Senate is worried about the costs. If no bill is passed by this date, it will be held off until Congress reconvenes on September 8.

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