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Customers of barber shop in Ridgeland Leg Lamp barber shop

A Christmas Story Comes To...Chickasha, Oklahoma

HERE is a great story told about "A Christmas Story" which guess what? This story shared by KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City - Hey Cleveland! We're related to Chickasha, Oklahoma. And to prove it, a Christmas staple in many a Clevelander's window this time of year, the "Old Man's" leg lamp can be seen... Read More
Snow in Alanna's driveway in Parma Heights

Yesterday's Winter Storm Was Very 2020

Of course our first real snow of the season was destructive winter storm! It was very fitting for 2020. When I measured the snow at our home in Parma Heights around 7:30 last night, we were at 15 inches. I avoided the highway all day on my way to and from downtown, and on my way to and from the APL... Read More
Snow Roadway

Winter-Month Commute Precautions for Cleveland

It's of the utmost importance to drive safely on the roadways, especially during the winter months. This year is no different, with officials urging drivers to take precautions while on the Ohio roadways. Here's what to do: Ensure the condition of your vehicle is adequate to be on the roadways... Read More
An approximately 20-foot center-console boat sits upside down in the surf near the west jetty on Okaloosa Island Monday morning. Destin Fire Rescue responded about 7:40 a.m. Monday to a distress call of a capsized boat with three passengers, all of whom a

He Spent The Thanksgiving Wknd, Clinging To His Capsized Boat

And this is straight (almost) out of the movie "Castaway". Except there's no plane crash, no "Wilson" but like Tom Hanks this guy HERE was rescued by a passing container ship far out in the Atlantic Ocean. He's okay, his 32 foot boat got a proper burial and you're thinking boy I bet he's ready for... Read More

"Give Us a Hand To Raise 38 Grand" Final Total

In a remarkable show of generosity you donated over $111,571.21 to the "Give Us A Hand To Raise 38 Grand For St. Augustine's Hunger Centers" campaign. The good people at St. Augustine's are astounded by your caring and donations. Thanks to every one of you for making this not only a resounding... Read More
 Jarvis Landry scores a touchdown in the first quarter against the Jaguars

Fans React to the Browns Win Over the Jaguars

Well it was a close game in Jacksonville yesterday, but the Browns managed to pull off another victory, bringing their record 8-3. It was the nicest weather game the team has played in a few weeks and though the final score was a lot closer than anyone would've liked, it was still a win. There are... Read More
Prince at my laptop. A story of the sudden flood that almost caught up to my car is in the background. Prince At Computer

Happy Cyber Monday & Here's What's Hot

So if you have any ammunition left after shopping this past Black Friday, HERE from the website are what you and everyone else is shopping for today. Last year, 174 million Americans spent on average $355 on Cyber Monday. With people still cooped up at home, that number is expected to... Read More
Classic Rock Almanac

Classic Rock Almanac November 30, 2020

ANNIVERSARIES 1972-Paul McCartney And Wings release "Hi, Hi, Hi", which is promptly banned from the BBC because of its "unsuitable lyrics." The song still managed to be a hit, reaching #5 in the UK and #10 in the US early the next year. 1974-The Eagles' "Best Of My Love" is released. It will become... Read More

Cleveland, Coffee, and the Year 2020

Coffee, for many, is a ritualistic part of the day. COVID has prompted the local coffee shop POUR CLEVELAND to temporarily close its brick and mortar spot in downtown. In true Cleveland style, the shop has adapted and you can still enjoy in 2020. Taking advantage of e-commerce, POUR CLEVELAND 's... Read More