Producer Alanna Got Engaged On Vacation

June 10, 2019

Alanna Crummie 2017

Last week, Eric and I went on vacation to Topsail Island, North Carolina with some of our friends and it was a GREAT time. I visited the sea turtle hospital, we went out looking for ghost crabs, and we GOT ENGAGED!

Best. Vacation. Ever • • • #topsailbeach #surfcity #surfcitync #engaged

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The proposal was actually pretty funn. We were walking on the beach at night and I had been walking a little bit ahead of everybody. When I turned around, I immediately saw Marland, Alyssa and her boyfriend, Matt, staring at me and I was terrified something was wrong. My initial thought was that a sea turtle was making her way up the beach to lay a nest. Then as I started to look next to them, I see Eric, down on one knee, with this beautiful ring in his hand. I had to keep my knees bent because I was on the verge of passing out. I was completely blown away.

The engagement photo with the least amount of wind • • • #engaged #surfcity #topsailisland #northcarolina

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We have been talking about getting married for a very long time but now it's REAL. September will be our seven year anniversary and I know what everyone is thinking- about time we got engaged! But we've always moved at our own pace. Even through the ups and downs over the years, our relationship never falted. Not one break up, not one ultimatum. Now we own a house, we have two dogs, four cats, and Halloween decorations that we keep up year-round.

No, we don't have a date set, but we do know we're getting married in Topsail Island. I mean we plan on moving down to North Carolina anyway, so why not get married in the state that already feels like home? And I know that not everyone can attend a destination wedding, but all I care about is marrying my best friend on the beach.

Topsail Island through the years (well the second picture is from a day spent in Wilmington) ------ • • • #engaged #surfcity #topsailisland #surfcitync #northcarolina #vacation

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