How a Cleveland Florist is Raising Spirits During Coronavirus Outbreak

March 25, 2020
Cleveland Ohio skyline from Edgewater Park on Lake Erie, with Edgewater beach


Andrew Thomas of Andrew Thomas Design has been creating beautiful floral displays at Edgewater during this time of uncertainty, self isolation, and social distancing. He said he had all of these flowers available and wanted to create something heartfelt for the city.

“Individually we are but a single flower, but together we make a community” - this is the message I want to spread during this time. The stories and survivors of those who experienced the world wars or Great Depression were filled with a special hope and strength having to sacrifice, share, and mourn. Bad things don’t necessarily mean more bad is to come.... it just means it’s an opportunity to share, learn, and come out stronger. And that’s just what we as a community will do!!! If mayesh hadn’t donated the flowers, metro parks gave us permission to do these flowers, and the countless people who donated there time- this wouldn’t have happened. So thank you everyone. Please stay safe and enjoy these beauties before they are gone!

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The sign reads "Individually, we are one flower. Together, we are a beautiful garden." This is playing off the idea that we are all in this together as we fight the spread of COVID-19.

Took a trip to Edgewater to walk a bit and stumbled upon the flowers from the metroparks sign before too many people crowded. Safe to say we hurried home to do a social distance shoot of our own with the flowers safely at home. ----

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Thomas says that more displays will be popping up, so keep your eyes on Edgewater and be on the lookout. Remember that you can still walk through the park, just practice social distancing while you do it.