Raid The Animal Shelters Instead Of Area 51

July 22, 2019


We all know that the Area 51 raid is just a huge internet meme, resulting in tons of different responses. How about we gather together and clean up the ocean? Or raid FAFSA and erase student debt?

I still don't think anyone is actually going to raid Area 51, but one animal shelter in Oklahoma is taking advantage of the joke by asking residents to come raid them and adopt some four legged friends instead of taking home an alien from Area 51.

I can tell you right now that the animal shelters are FULL (or pertty close to full). We are in the heart of kitten season which means shelters across the country have a ton of kitties right now. At the APL alone, we have a lot of adult dogs who need homes just as badly as puppies do! And you know what's great about adult dogs? A lot of them are already housebroken, leash trained, and just want someone to snuggle with. Some of them need to work on basic obedience training still, some would do better in a home as the only dog, and some would do better without cats- but we have a ton of very sweet dogs who are looking for the perfect humans to help them succeed!

So if you're ready to give an animal a second chance (or a third chance, a fourth chance, etc)., then maybe you and your friends should storm the shelters instead of Area 51 and adopt "them animals" instead of seeing "them aliens."