Animals React To Seeing The Monday Night Football Black Cat On TV

November 5, 2019
A black cat runs on the field during the second quarter of the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys game at MetLife Stadium

Emilee Chinn / Stringer

So as we all know by now, a black cat cursed the Giants last night after running into the stadium and delaying the game. We've seen some pretty hilarious reactions to this whole thing.

BUT the best reactions have come from the animals of twitter.

Watch what these kitties do when they see the MNF Cat running around on the tv.

And look at how these dogs are reacting to seeing the cat on tv!

And just for a little more fun, this is a compilation of cats and dogs reacting to MNF Cat. The cats clearly recognize their leader whereas the dogs can sense something is not right.

Now the cat managed to run away, but stadium officials tweeted that if they are able to find the poor little guy, they'll be taking him to a vet! Maybe he'll be friendly and adoptable, like the kitty rescued from Progressive Field.