Bronson Is Blind And Trying To Find His Furever Home

April 18, 2019

Cleveland Animal Protective League


Meet Bronson, the (mostly) blind German Shepherd! He is 6-years-old, a longtime resident of ours at the Cleveland APL, and a staff favorite. We know that Bronson still has some vision because there are times when he'll follow our movements if we walk past his kennel or we're putting a leash on him. But for the most part he's blind, so he's a special needs dog. 

Bronson does love to play and he loves to go for walks. But being a blind dog, Bronson loves to explore the world with his mouth. If he's unsure of what's in front of him, he'll nip and feel whatever it is so he can see if it's a toy or a person. Whenever I'm standing in front of him and he realizes it's me, he'll start sniffing my hands because he thinks I have treats or toys for him. It's so cute! But because of how he explores his environment, a home without other dogs or small children may be best for him. It would also be best if Bronson doesn't go to a home with stairs. A previous adopter had stairs, and once they got home and Bronson gave the stairs a try, the adopter knew that his home was not going to be a safe place for Bronson, despite his years of previous experience with blind dogs.

Bronson is a very sweet boy who loves flavored treats and squeaky toys. He also loves it if you talk to him (or at least I like to think he loves it) because it helps him not be afraid of a touch he can't see from a person he can't really see. And according to his previous adopter, with Bronson's small amount of vision, he still enjoyed watching TV!

Bronson is looking (sniffing?) for his forever home, with a patient and loving family who is ready to take on the challenges and rewards that come with a blind, special needs dog. Stop by the APL today with your family and ask us about Bronson! 

Are you interested in Bronson but unsure of what comes with having a blind dog? Blind Dog Rescue Alliance can help you out with tips on how to be the owner of a blind dog!