$100 Fines For Recycling Start In Cleveland On August 1st

July 27, 2018

© Kelly Vandellen | Dreamstime.com


Back in 2016, it was voted that the City of Cleveland issues fines for recycling violations (as well as bin violations) and those begin NEXT WEDNESDAY, August 1st. And while recycling is already good for the environment and it's something we do at home, now we need to get serious about what can and cannot be recycled- unless you want to pay a $100 fine every time you recycle something incorrectly. So, let's go over a few things when it comes to recycling so we can avoid fines and help the environment. A win/win situation.

1) You cannot recyle plastic bags (i.e. grocery bags). Contrary to popular belief, they are not recyclable. They actually tend to slow down and ruin the recycling process. But you could always start the switch to reusable bags and then you wouldn't really have to worry about those plastic bags again.

2) Pizza boxes. This is really important and actually genuniely surprised me. You can recycle the top of the pizza box- the part that has no food reminents on it. But the bottom part of the box, where there is dried greese, cheese, etc., needs to go in the tarsh. The food remains cannt be recycled and can actually contomainate good recycables at the facility. So again, your pizza box needs to go in the trash and only the part that has no food remains can be recycled.

3) Wash out your containers. So we went over how greasy pizza boxes can contaminate the recycling process- well not washing out your recyclables can do the same thing. So if you have a plastic hummus container, an empty gallon of milk, etc., make sure you rinse those things out before putting them in with the recycling because like the pizza boxes, recyclables with food remains on them can, and probably will, ruin the recycling process. 

Recycling can do a lot to help the environment and recycling correctly can do a lot to help your wallet now that the fines will be starting back up. Check out some more advice when it comes to recycling HERE as it will cover cardboard, plastic, paper, aluminum, etc.