Failed Restoration Of 16th Century Art Goes Viral

June 28, 2018

So a church in Northern Spain decided to hire someone to come in and clean up some priceless 16th century art. The priest wanted a wooden carving of Saint George no horseback fighting a dragon to be cleaned up. But whoever he hired did not understand, or thought they were godd enough, and decided to RESTORE the carving instead. The results were less than flattering and now this carving of Saint George will end up on one of those bothced surgery shows. Are you ready to see this?


It also reminded people of another failed restoration from 2012. My suggestion is that when it comes to art, especially if it's from oh, you know, the 16th century, there should be a cover letter, resume, portfolio, and interview process, whether or not you're cleaning it or restoring it. Could you imagine being the guy to botch Saint George's statue?