Front License Plate No Longer Required in Ohio Starting July 1st

June 26, 2020
Various vintage Ohio license plates from the late 60's and early 70's arranged in a collage.


After the bill was signed in 2019, we've finally reached the point where a front license plate is no longer required for the state of Ohio. This will take effect starting July 1st.

So what does this all mean? What's the big deal? Well probably the number one reason that comes to your head for support of not having a front license plate are aesthetics- people who own classic or exotic cars don't like the look of the front license plate and worry that it ruins the car's look. There's also a financial reason the front plate is a big deal- lawmakers feel like the costs to produce front license plates outweigh the benefits (and there are a lot of places that make a ton of revenue off the front license plate through toll booths and parking garages).

Law enforcement also argues that a front license plate has a better chance of witnesses or victims of crime identify the car. In Ohio, rideshare services and unions for school bus drivers also argued against the new law, wanting to keep the front license plate.