This Dog Was Hilariously Caught Destroying His Human's Bedroom

July 24, 2018

© Rachel Garringer |

I think it's safe to say that most of us know what it's like having a dog or two around the house. 98% of the time they are very well behaved, but then you've got that 2% of the time when they're not- like when they climb up on the table to get the cat food or chew on your shoes. So this young woman and her boyfriend were having a relaxing night in, gently playing fetch with her dog, Dierks. Then in the middle of the game, they hear a loud thud and, well, this is what they walked into:

Dierks somehow got the nightstand stuck on him with everything from her broken plant pot all over her floor! People jumped to his defense and it makes sense, because if he was playing with his tennis ball and it rolled underneath the nightstand, well that's when everything went downhill.