These Are The Health Benefits Of Having An Office Pet

February 15, 2019

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Back in 2012, a study was done to see if there were health benefits to having an office dog. After testing the saliva of people who were around a dog in the office, it was concluded that they had less stress hormones present than those who didn't have an office dog. 

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But now there's an added bonus to having an office pet- increased productivity! At first I didn't understand that because I'm the type of person who has to pet a dog or cat as soon as I see one. But the increased productivity actually makes sense. Having an office pet already reduces stress, but it also gives employees something to look forward to when they come to work. When employees know that Sam is going to bring her dog to work or that the office cat will be waiting for them when they clock in, they are given more motivation to come to work. It probably takes away the staleness of the office and creates a better work environment. 

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If you office is lacking in four legged friends, it's time to go talk to your boss about this very important issue.