Cheeto Is Looking For Her Forever Home

March 7, 2019

Alanna Crummie

So since working at the Cleveland APL, I have made a lot of new friends, human and not human. But one of my new friends in particular is the most human-like dog there is- Cheeto!

Cheeto is a 5 year old pit bull mix and she's a staff favorite at the APL. We are constantly taking pictures of her because she is just so adorable. She has a goofy little smile, she sits in chairs like a human, and she loves to give kisses. She's so well behaved that she is actually hanging out in one of the offices in the building where she lays on the desk and watches everybody walk by the door and take pictures of her.

Are you looking for a dog who might actually be a person? Because if you are, Cheeto is your girl

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Cheeto was one of four dogs brought to us when they were left behind by their owner. The other three dogs have found their forever homes, but Cheeto is still waiting for hers. If she looks familliar, that might because you saw her on Channel 3 last month!

What else is great about Cheeto? She's a pretty healthy dog! She was diagnosed with whipworms so she'll have to go on her last round of medication in April, but that is easily treated with some pills from the vet. She's housebroken, and pretty good with other dogs and children, but it's still best to bring in the whole family (dogs included) to meet Cheeto so we can make sure it's a good match! Cheeto is a really sweet girl who deserves a happy home. If you're interested in Cheeto, stop by the Cleveland APL today so you can meet her!

Well we tried to take some selfies with Cheeto

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