Ian Rapoport's Son Hilariously Interrupts Broadcast While Home Sick

November 8, 2018

ID 126174180 © Batuhan Toker | Dreamstime.com

I'm sure most you know what it's like when your kid stays home from school because they're sick. Sometimes you have to call off work and sometimes you just work from home. Well Ian Rapoport was working from home yesterday, which also happened to be the same day his son had to stay home from school. He was trying so hard to be serious about Dez Bryant going to the Saints when...

So cute! I love how Rapoport just gives in and includes his son in the broadcast instead of trying to kick him out of the room like what happened with that hilarious BBC interview last year. Not to mention his son absolutely steals the show and everybody knows it. Now excuse me while I watch this video over and over.