Joe Thomas and Odell Beckham Jr. React to Jedrick Wills Jr. Draft Pick

April 24, 2020
Offensive lineman Jedrick Wills Jr. of Alabama runs a drill during the NFL Combine

Joe Robbins / Stringer

Well last night was the virtual NFL Draft. And with the tenth pick in the draft, the Browns went with...

A lot of people were really happy with that pick.

The Browns got Jack Conklin this off-season and picking up Wills Jr. gives them another tackle to protect Mayfield on the field.

But OBJ played for LSU and had to ignore the rivalry and become fast friends with Alabama's Wills Jr.

Other Browns players (and Brad Paisley) congragulated Wills Jr. on joining the team...

...but no one was happier than Joe Thomas.

Thomas believes that Wills Jr. will be able to learn how bto go from right tackle to left tackle, it'll just take a few months for him to get the hang of it.