It Has Now Been One Year Since Lakewood Lifted Its Ban On Pit Bulls

April 3, 2019

sanjagrujic Getty Images

It has now been one year since Lakewood got rid of its ban on pit bulls! The citizens of Lakewood worked tirelessly and fought incredibly hard to get the city to lift its ban on pit bulls and now, a year later, the city is thriving and the dogs are happy.

One of the people who helped fight the good fight is Jennifer Scott, whose dog Charlie was the face of Lakewood's advocacy. She said that there were a lot of pitties living in Lakewood during the ban, but now the owners aren't afraid to walk to their dogs and have their dogs out of the house. Scott says there's been a real change in morale with the city.

After Lakewood lifted the ban on pit bulls, the city introduced breed NEUTRAL legislation instead of breed specific legislation, which basically means that the owners are held responsible for the actions of their dog and the dog is not held respobnsible or judged for its appearance. 

Lakewood and Garfield Heights both lifted their bans, while Rocky River removed their declaration that pit bulls are vicious (another form of BSL). Parma's ban on pitties has been active for 30 years and the residents will vote to remove the ban on May 7th.