You Won't Believe What You Can Win By Watching All Of The Marvel MCU Movies

March 22, 2019

Photo 96838187 © Antoniodiaz -

Do you love the Marvel movies? Do you have time to kill? Because you can win big if you binge watch all MCU movies before Avengers: Endgame premiers in April! What!

This includes all of the current MCU movies except Captain Marvel, which I'm assuming is because that movie is still in theatres and will still be playing (assumably) when Endgame comes out.

All you have to do is binge watch all of the Marvel movies and live-tweet your experience and takeaways from the movies! This doesn't include any of the X-Men movies or standalone films (like Eric Bana's Hulk and the Tobey MaGuire and Andrew Garfuield Spider Man movies) because even though they're Marvel movies, they are separate entities from the MCU. So basically you want to watch anything in the Avengers storyline.

I know I'm definitely going to give this a shot before I see Endgame since I'm a big Marvel nerd. You can try this one of two ways; start in the order in which the films were released (starting with Iron Man) OR you could watch them in the correct order in terms of storyline (starting with Captain America). Maybe you'll be the $1,000 winner!