Being a Browns or Bengals Fan Does Not Qualify You for Medical Marijuana

February 13, 2020
A Cleveland Browns fan expresses their disappointment with the team during the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals

Jason Miller / Stringer

In a shocking move (can you sense my sarcasm?), the Ohio State Medical Board has rejected the proposal to administer medical marijuana to Browns and Bengals fans. Unfortunately, it doesn't count as a qualifying condition, despite the constant heartache Browns and Bengals fans face every year.

The petition was submitted in December and the board said it lacked supporting evidence. Obviously the whole thing was submitted as a joke (one of those mostly joking but also a tiny bit serious jokes), so it's kind of funny that the board had treat this professionally instead of just saying "Heck no." I imagine they took a giant red stamp that says REJECTED over the proposal. The whole thing is pretty funny.

While it's hard to be a Browns fan, at least Myles Garrett has been reinstated. Who knows, maybe, just maybe, something good will happen in the upcoming season. I'm not saying there will be a full out miracle and the Browns will be in the Super Bowl next year, but maybe we can get a winning season and some moral victories (which the players and fans desperately need).