Help Empress Tuna Find Her Furever Home!

January 17, 2019

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So I work part-time at the Cleveland Animal Protective League. I've always been incredibly passionate about animals and I try my best to be their advocate. They don't have voices of their own, so it's up to us to protect them and help them. I left retail so I could better my life, but more importantly, better the lives of animals in need. I've met some truly incredible people and animals. But there's one cat that's always on my mind. That's where Empress Tuna comes in.

Empress Tuna came to the APL last April, 10-years-old and pregnant. She was given extra special care and had her healthy kittens, all of whom have since been adopted. But it's time for Empress Tuna to find her own home! She's a sweet girl who loves to roam, be near you, and be given lots of attention. If you think you're giving her more than enough attention, you're wrong- she's an empress, she needs to be treated like one! One time when Empress Tuna was hanging out with some of the APL employees and she had to be put back in her kennel because she wouldn't stop sitting on the keyboard while they were trying to get work done. Such a typical cat thing to do! I know my cats do that to me all the time.

Empress Tuna has since become an office cat where she does what she does best- roaming and getting as much attention as she can. She would do best in a quiet home where she can spend her senior years in retirement and get all the love and attention she deserves. She's a domestic longhair/mix, she is up to date on her vaccines, and she was fixed in July. 

Stop by the Cleveland APL so you can meet her and get more details about her history. You and Empress Tuna might just be the purrrrrrfect fit.