Metallica's Very Own Blackened Whiskey Is Almost Here

August 30, 2018

© Anthony Behar

Music, science, and whiskey- an interesting yet satisfying combination. That's exactly what Metallica did- they worked with a chemical engineer, specfically someone who specializes in spirits, to make their blended American whiskey. Apparently, the distiller created the blend for the whiskey, then played Metallica music for the whiskey. Why? Basically the vibrations from the music helps with the whiskey's interaction in the barrell, thus creating a well blended and delicious drink.

The soundwave that you see on the front of the bottle is actually the digital wave for their song "Blackened." They're doing a very limited release of it though and as of now, it doesn't look like it'll be coming to the Cleveland area. But you could always order it online if you need to build up your Metallica collection! It's really ironic that Metallica is releasing their own whiskey considering James Hetfield has been sober for a long time now. Even though he's not drinking it, it's still pretty cool that they decided to have their own drink made. Cheers!