The Muni Lot Was Left In Shambles After The Browns Game

September 10, 2019
Cleveland Browns fans tailgate

Kevin C. Cox / Staff

There's an image going viral right now of how the Muni Lot was left after Sunday's home opener against the Titans. But here's the thing- this is what the Muni Lot looks like after EVERY Browns game.

I've been to a lot of Browns games over the years and every time, the Muni Lot is left a complete mess. Bottles, boxes, food, beer cans, cups- it's all just left around in the lot. It doesn't matter what time of year the game is (first game or last game) or what the weather is like (sunny and warm or dead of winter), the Muni Lot is always trashed. And it's always so hard to drive through after a game because not only is there a line to get out, but now we're dodging birds who are eating the food you left out or swerving around bottles and beer cans to avoid any damage to the tires.

I know there's no way we're the only city whose tailgate lot looks like this before, during, and after a game, but we can do better. My fiance and I always bring trash bags with us and then take of the garbage and recycling after the game when we get home. We don't like to leave messes lying around in our own home, so why would we do it to a place that we are standing in for a few hours on a Sunday (or in this year's case, a Thursday)?